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Angus is an animal detective.

With his friends in Hellenge Hill, he solves puzzles and problems - a little bit reluctantly.

Angus loves to sleep and relax but his clever mind is often in demand.
Angus has lots of friends and they live all over the hill.

These stories are designed for adults to read to their children, packed with characters, language and accents they will be great fun to share.

Also in Audio books read by Kirsten Hemingway.

Kirsten earns her living writing from her home in the mendips where she has placed Angus and his friends.

The landscape and wildlife that surround her have become the inspiration for this series of short stories.

Lilly Nicholls provides the illustrations for this series, her characters are inspired by nature but come to life with fun expressions guaranteed to captivate younger readers.

Lilly studied at Bath Spa University and has exhibited her artworks around the South West.

Joe Mitchell is the producer for the audio versions of Angus. He has also composed the Angus theme tune and the lullaby. You can find out more about Joe at his website.

Join Angus in these fantastic adventures:

Series one available to download from the homepage

  • Angus Management and the Missing Squirrels
  • Angus Management and the Rescue at the Sluice Gate
  • Angus Management and the Chief of Police
  • Angus Management and the Gooseberry Thief
  • Angus Management and the Battle with Bleadon Hill
  • Angus Management and the Tree Top Track

Coming Soon

  • Angus Management and the Frightened Frog
  • Angus Management and the Hoarse Pony

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