Welcome to the official website for Angus Management

Welcome to the official website for
Angus Management

Angus Management is an animal detective extraordinaire. He is the finder of lost socks, the guardian of lost people and the go to guy for any mystery or puzzle in Hellenge Hill.

He solves puzzles and problems - a little bit reluctantly. Angus also loves to sleep and relax but his clever mind is often in demand. Angus has lots of friends and they all live on the hill.

These stories are designed for adults to read to their Children, packed with characters, language and accents. They will be great fun to share.

There are currently 6 stories, which you can purchase and download below.

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Book Pre-order Now Available

Book Now Available

The illustrated Series One book is now available.

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The 1st episode is available as a free download or you can purchase all 6 episodes as an instant mp3 download or on CD with UK postage included. Click on one of the options below to continue or click here to have a quick listen to episode one.

*The episode 1-6 MP3 download also comes with the stories as full read-along text pdf's.
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